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Profile picture of Rabia

Offer from Rabia


Hello! I am Rabia and I would like to help with: Activity guidance, Groceries, Creativity & music, Animal care, Help with poverty, C...

Profile picture of Nour

Offer from Nour


Hello! My name is Nour and I would like to help with: Language & reading, Cleaning, Groceries, Outdoor jobs & garden and Administrat...

Profile picture of Niels

Offer from Niels


My name is Niels, I live in Vught and I am 47 years old. After having worked in primary education for a long time, I am now looking...

Profile picture of Zerachja

Offer from Zerahiah


Hello! I am Zerachja and I would like to help with: Activity guidance, Groceries, Help with poverty and Buddy, buddy & companionship...

Profile picture of Els

Offer from Els


Hello, my name is Els and I am a mother with 2 lovely children. I live with my family in vught south. I would like to offer my help...

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Profile picture of Mohammad Javad

Offer from Mohammad Javad

Mohammad Javad

Hello! My name is Mohammad Javad and I would like to help with: Buddy, buddy & company, Computer help & ICT. Send me a message if I...

Profile picture of Jesper

Breakout run 2023 Iron Man

IJzeren man Vught

Dear volunteer, On Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 April 2023, the Iron Man in Vught will organize a major event! The Breakout run, it's...

Profile picture of Henk

Need temporary support?

Stichting Buddyhulp

If you are having a hard time or if you cannot manage on your own, the help of buddy assistance can make all the difference. Do you...

Profile picture of Pepita

VoorleesExpress Vught


After the VoorleesExpress is already active in many places nationally, the VoorleesExpress is now also active in the municipality of...

Profile picture of Karin

Speaking language group


Do you (still) find it difficult to speak Dutch? Or do you want to practice a little more with others? Then sign up for the Speaking...

Profile picture of Karin

(digi)Taalhuis Vught


The Taalhuis is for everyone from the age of 18! We offer all kinds of course offerings and opportunities to practice and work on ba...

Profile picture of Lars

Offer from Lars


Hello! I am Lars, 20 years old and live in Vught. I would like to do something for someone else. I love dogs and am a gregarious pe...

Profile picture of Vivian

Offer from Vivian


I am Vivian, 34 years old, and I live with my boyfriend and 2 children in Vught. I would like to do voluntary work where I work with...

Profile picture of Pascale

Offer from Pascale


Hello! My name is Pascale and I would like to help with: Help with poverty, Buddy, buddy & company, Language & reading and Training...

Profile picture of Kim

Offer from Kim


Hi, I'm Kim, 28 years old, living in Helvoirt. At a young age I got blood poisoning from the meningococcal bacteria B. Miraculously...

Profile picture of Gyselle

Offer from Gyselle


Hello! I am Gyselle and I would like to help the Den Bosch region with chores around the house, cleaning up & taking care of the gar...

Profile picture of Lianne

Interior advice


I use my experience for free advice (up to NH / Overijssel) for your new interior style or smart solutions for more space in your ho...

Profile picture of Christine

Language coach


I work as a language coach via the internet.

Profile picture of Jos

Offer from


I build and manage websites for private use or for various organizations with a good cause and/or volunteer character.

Profile picture of Renรฉe

Offer from Renee


I like being able to do something for someone else now that I don't work anymore. I am very linguistic and have extensive experience...

Profile picture of Marijke

Mary's offer


I would love to support organizations with marketing, communication and PR. I am good with computer and social media. In addition, I...

Profile picture of Tanja

Offer from Tanja


Am looking for volunteer work in eg a second-hand clothing store. Fashion is my passion and if I can combine my passion with volunte...

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